Do watch the fantastic Narendra Modi Hangout video on Google+ if you have not already watched so. People from 116 nations witness Shri Modi engage with the people on various issues. The program was hosted by Ajay Devgan. Though it was disappointing to see body language of on screen Singham, but the real life Singham Modi roared and mesmerised participants for straight two hours.

The session initially scheduled for 8.00 pm started at 9.00 pm and it was the twitter top trend for around 36 hours. It was unheard that Google/Youtube servers crashed due to heavy traffic. As usual #paidmedia chose to report the hangout in positive light. Absence of any comments from BJP itself on this huge success was suspecting.

As is said, people remember firsts and then there is a trend. The initiative by Shri Narendra Modi should see many more politicians and celebrities doing the same.

Surely, majority people will change their views about this icon who is deliberately maligned by paid media. Do check out other videos on youtube to hear from the horse’s mouth. Read him and not about him to make any opinion.

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