Just like Internet, Satsang Society is free of leadership. If you are a member, you are a node creating humanness in society and killing evil. You are a leader, teacher and mentor. You research and understand reality and take decisions for good of society and hence for yourself.

You are that ‘someone’ from society who needs to act.

Nature gives endless possibilities. Let’s create a beautiful world out there free of corruption, wars and evil. You create your own future and of your children.

There is no registration needed, however to contribute you may list yourself as member of committee. You would be recognized via your email id only.

Contribution can be of your labour and your skills. There are virtually no limits.

On primary agenda, we are looking for expertise of web development, registering the domain and developing it. You can donate via bitcoin (address: 1GYTp7jN4pmfSzuAKg7UPfnbh94NwQC4Py) or create virtual credit card with limits on your online banking to help us buy the domain. Please contact at satsangsociety@mac.hush.com if you have questions.

Further we are looking for below support:

  • Spread the gyan. This is the least you can do!
  • If you own a blog/website, please share the thought and keep the logo/link
  • Share your expertise in building and developing the website
  • Develop the above content into slideshow/flash on home page for awareness
  • Provide better links for comments section
  • We propose to rank the links and blogs under each topic
  • Update the content and give it professional logical look

For any contribution of content, comments, feedback please contact at satsangsociety@mac.hush.com


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